Lava Beads Rock!

81AF610F-9203-46ED-931C-494E14C48A29I have started making and using Lava Bead diffuser bracelets for my child. He is a very anxious child and finds everyday stress overwhelming. I have been searching for something for a while and I have to say these have had an amazing result!

The lava beads are porous and so you can add essential oils on to the beads. They then diffuse throughout the day.

I have been using one bracelet for the daytime with essential oils for stress/anxiety relief. Another bracelet at night with lavender to aid sleep.

I have made many different designs, both for adults and children. Within some bracelets I have used Howlite stones which are great for calming an overactive mind, turquoise stones have both physical and emotional healing as well as Hermatite which gives a feeling of security and helps to balance the bodies chakras.

They have worked wonders for my family. Please visit my Etsy page for more information. The Ashmole Group8EBB7BE6-1AB9-41C0-8465-879E641ADA1C