About Ashmole Lava Beads
I love to use essential oils to relieve my everyday stresses but in a hectic lifestyle it is difficult to utilise their healing powers when you need them most. I then discovered Lava Beads and diffuser jewellery and became hooked, and so I started making diffuser jewellery so that I could diffuse my essential oils on the go! I do hope that you enjoy wearing my designs, I am constantly updating and changing these. My children especially love to give me new and exciting ideas for the children’s range.

Production Methods
All of my beautiful jewellery is handmade and can be customised and personalised especially for you. The bracelets can be worn by both adults and children; I have many different designs suitable for all tastes. The Lava Beads are where the magic all happens; they are porous and will soak up your favourite essential oils then diffuse their benefits all day long. Essential oils are amazing in aiding sleep, relieving stress, anxiety and headaches to name but a few. Some of my designs utilise the healing powers of stones such as Howlite; a calming stone, Turquoise; healer in both the physical and emotional and Hermatite; used to balance our bodies chakras as well as filling us with a feeling of safety and security.

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