Not that I am having a midlife crisis or anything….

“Not that I am having a midlife crisis or anything”  I say but am I trying to convince myself or the very young and beautiful hairdresser I am chatting to.

You see I hit the big 40 last year and ever since then I have been trying to recapture some youth; coming up with hairbrain ideas. So far the list is as follows;

1. Repierce my belly button.

2. Have a meaningful tattoo.

3. Dye my hair pink.

4. Start Mindfulness classes.

So I look at the list and ponder where to start. I am not great with pain so I decide to put the repiercing and the tattoo on the back burner. “Just for now” I say but who am I kidding!

So it’s the pink hair then, I can do that.

Seeing as I am not one for impulsiveness I spend time researching Pinterest and find a few photos of hair styles I like so off to the hairdressers I go.

As I sit in the chair I begin waffling. I am prone to verbal diarrhoea when nervous and right now I am really waffling!

“I have always wanted to do this since Scarlette Johansonn’s wig in that Lost In Translation movie” I say to the now slightly confused young lady who is staring back at me in the mirror. I realise then that she has no idea what I am talking about, that movie must be 15 years old, she probably wasn’t even in primary school when it came out.

I then decide to show my Pinterest photos. As I start to scan through my boards entitled; Garden Ideas, Recipes, Family meals, Parenting Tips it dawns on me. I am not a pink hair type of lady. I am a 40 year old brunette with grey hair, wrinkles, stretch marks and who enjoys watching Mary Berry on TV. Being outrageous means eating a packet of chocolate digestive biscuits for dinner and consuming a rather lovely glass of Cabernet Sauvignon on a week night!

“On second thoughts perhaps an all over brown and just a trim” I say the hairdresser just nods and looks relieved.

As I sit there having a rather ‘safe’ long bob cut and an all over colour brown to hide the grey I get out my mobile and begin researching mindfulness classes. Surely that is one thing even I can pull off?



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