To Homeschool or not to Homeschool that is the question?

This week I have been mostly thinking about homeschooling.

It has crossed my mind so many times before but now I am really seriously thinking about it.

So, here is the situation…. my eldest child is now nine and in year 5. He HATES school with a passion. He really struggles. He has severe general anxiety, seperation anxiety, Sensory processing difficulties and currently assessing for ASD. All of these issues are now impacting on his mental health which is resulting in a depressed, frustrated, emotional, angry and unhappy little boy.

His life can be one big nightmare and it is breaking my heart to stand by and watch it. I need to make a change, perhaps a drastic change?

You see when we have holidays or weekends he is his usual self, still quirky, still Sensory, still struggling to make sense of the world but HAPPY. And because I know him inside, outside and back to front, I know how he ticks, I know how to calm the waters etc we are able to live life relatively “normally”. But then I guess I have just 3 children to worry about and all the time in the world as I am Mum. I love them all unconditionally and they feel safe. I understand that his teacher is unable to offer that, I really am not criticising I am just saying it as it is.

This is why I am considering homeschooling. But these are my current thought;

Would this help?

Could it make the separation anxiety worse?

Am I confident and capable enough?

Am I just trying to avoid life?

should we be working with the therapists to overcome this rather than avoiding school?

Should he spend half the day at school and half at home or is that confusing?

Any thoughts, comments and ideas are greatly received.

Thank you for listening. X


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