Monday Blues

So it was the first day back today. Me to work and the children to school. We have had a lovely week off together. No need to wear a watch. No timetable with routine out of the window. Eat when you feel hungry, sleep when your tired, that was my motto and that’s how we lived for one whole glorious week. It was luxury.

One thing I noticed was the effect the holiday had on my eldest child.

Two weeks ago he was stressed out, anxious, angry and depressed.

Two weeks ago my husband and I were discussing our child’s mental health! This has been a shock and sometimes I find it hard to really contemplate that my beautiful nine year old could have mental health problems. It scares us to the core.

But each day being at home I started to see a renewed, happy and relaxed person. It was an amazing transformation.


I had a meeting at school recently and said why does he find school so hard? What causes the trigger? What can we change? I wish the teachers could see the happy, go lucky child I have during the holidays. The teachers said yes, school is a problem for him but there is not a trigger we can change. It is just school and he finds it a struggle.

As a parent I both understand this but also hate this answer. As a parent I want to wave a magic wand and change his life for him. But I also realise I can’t protect him from everything. Unfortunately we can’t avoid life!

So, how do I make this better?

Is home schooling the answer? I don’t know. Is pursuing an ASD diagnosis the answer? I don’t know.

I wish I had the answers, I wish I had that magic wand, I wish we could stay on half term holidays forever!!!

I am sure there are others living my life too. Any comments, advice and thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for listening.



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