As far as anyone knows we are a normal family!

imageThis has been my family motto for the last few years! So far we have been quite unsuccessful I think!

It has been a tough week.

Why does everything have to be such a battle?

So leading up to the summer holidays I thought I had everything sorted. All the support my son needed to be able to ‘just cope’ at school were in place and I thought I could sit back and hope that this would be a good year. Well unfortunately life doesn’t seem to work like that. After just four weeks back at school many of the strategies implemented have now stopped because it is felt that he no longer needs them. He is doing so well and he has said he does not want them anymore. Why did they not discuss this with his parents? Why is it felt that an 8 year old can make these decisions? But my thoughts are; what  if he is coping because those strategies are there and therefore are working, what if now it is all going to fall apart? Looks like another battle has started.

My biggest problem is that at school my son appears happy and content but at home he is a stressed, anxious, and at times a depressed and angry little boy. I feel that when I talk to the school they think I am an overprotective, over anxious and crazy mother. They cannot see the child I am describing and I guess they think that perhaps if he is displaying these behaviours at home then is it my parenting skills at fault? It has been suggested that I attend a parenting course.

It makes me so frustrated. Does anyone else have similar battles? I would love to know.

It is so tiring!

But my biggest stress this weekend was having to make the Great Fire London out of aqua beads with my twin daughters. Honestly I lost the will to live at one point when one of my girls sneezed and we had aquabeads all over the kitchen floor. “Let’s start again” I heard myself say through gritted teeth as I reach the vino!


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