boofy things!

So we have survived our second week at school. How many other people out there feel like me? As I sit and reflect on my week the one word that springs to mind is “boofy”.

Well, I am not too sure if this is even a word but this week our life has revolved around boofy things.

Let me explain what boofy means in our house; “Large and fluffy” so we have boofy socks, boofy coats, boofy jumpers etc. Boofy things are my sons comfort blanket, he can hide in his boofy things and pretend the outside world does not exist.

Boofy things are good.

In general this week has been ok. We are starting to get used to the routine, the new teacher, the extra workload, although I am not getting used to the screeching recorder practice and neither is my neighbour for that matter. I am all for encouraging music as an outlet for emotion but perhaps not listening to ‘Londons Burning’ for the fiftieth time at four in the morning! Then, I am not so sure. But it is at this point that the ear defenders we have recently acquired do come in handy!


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