Musical Christmas Jumpers!

Yes, you read that right, musical Christmas jumpers!

This summer holiday my son has been mostly wearing musical Christmas jumpers. He definitely has a style all of his own. So today he came downstairs in blue tracksuit bottoms, a pair of striped red and orange totes socks, the beloved Barcelona football shirt, his musical Christmas jumper and a blue suit blazer. He sat down on the sofa and stared at his bemused sisters as if to say “what, am I not rocking this look?”.

Now, it is at this point that I have to explain that my son has Sensory Processing Difficulties. Textures and in particular clothing causes extreme trauma. At one point when I used to try and force him into wearing ‘sensible’ or rather ‘normal’ outfits he would have complete meltdowns which would last for hours until I would finally give in and he would spend the day in his pyjamas.

Once I was able to understand that certain textures were too cold, too hot, too itchy, too soft, too scratchy, heavy weight jeans actually felt painful on his legs and flappy shorts made him feel like they would trip him up. Once I understood this and entered his world and experienced clothes like he did then the crying stopped and so did the living in pyjamas. Because now my son buys his own clothes based on what feels right rather than what looks right. And he has the freedom to wear whatever he likes.

I looked at this outfit and I understood the totes socks stopped the unbearable feeling of carpet on his feet, the tracksuit bottoms are not too heavy and soft inside so they do not feel scratchy on his legs, the Barcelona football shirt because he loves football (can’t blame spd on everything!), the Christmas jumper because it is a natural fibre, lightweight and no zips to feel scratchy. I now finally understand it! Clothes that feel right.

So, musical Christmas jumper it is. It may be August and summer time but he has a smile on his face and that fills me with happiness in return. Just not so sure I can cope with listening to “jingle bells” til December, that battery might just have to disappear shortly!


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