Ice cream trauma

Yesterday was our first ‘normal’ day since the school holidays began and I was totally looking forward to it.

My son started Saturday football training and my husband went to do his usual parent helping at the footie club. So it was just us girls.

After a very stressful start to the day with hubby lounging in bed til 10 mins before kick off and this being the only day in the entire 6 week holiday that my son decided to actually sleep past 7am, thus I had to be the mean nagging mum and drag him out of bed. This meant he woke in a foul mood and nobody was going to be able to change that! After trying the softly approach, then the comedy approach and finally ending with the teacher voice approach I got him out of bed and sitting at the breakfast table! One small victory to me. He then declared he had wobbly tummy and so no breakfast would pass his lips. Fabulous, not!

Anyway, this went on until we finally packed both boys into the car and we all breathed a huge sigh of relief.

So as I say it was just us girls. Far more civilised!

After what seemed like an age of preening and deciding should we wear trousers or skirts we were ready to face the world and begin our grand plan of making homemade ice cream!

Mary Berry would be proud of me. We watched a show the other day on a kids TV programme and it looked so easy and before I knew it I had agreed to this mammoth task. Now, I am not a cook but this looked easy, how could anything go wrong?

However, I was not banking on the ‘twin trauma’ that would follow.

Of course the girls wanted to make different flavour ice creams and as I am not a very logical person I doubled all the ingredients rather than just halving and giving them half each! If you have ever attempted to make ice cream you would know that you need 12 egg yolks. Yes, 12! So we had to seperate 24 egg yolks. This was a very traumatic experience and we had eggs everywhere. The girls being competitive twins were trying to break the world record of breaking and splitting eggs and for some reason the cats also wanted to get in on the action and before we knew it we had 1 stressed out adult, 2 competitive, argumentative twin girls and 2 cats all trying to make ice cream. I am thinking to myself, it so isn’t like this on the Great British Bake Off and all the time trying to keep a serene smile on my face!

In between time we have this annoying stray cat from who knows where and he thinks he now lives at our house. He actually comes in through the cat flap eats the food and seems surprised when I try and shoo him away. Even he attempted to make ice cream with us! What’s going on!

Anyways, we finally made the ice cream. Woohoo!

We had so much! 4 ice cream boxes worth! It was meant to freeze within 3 hours and you had to stir it every hour so we were stuck at home on stirring duty

but by 9.30 at night it still looked like soup. So now I have 4 ice cream boxes of very sweet soup to get through.

What ever happened to my ‘normal’ day?


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