Fun day Friday!

So it is getting towards the end of the school holidays and we have done everything, been everywhere and the money is disappearing before my eyes! But still we have the desperate plea “I’m bored! What are we doing today?” And then the frantic look on google, the local paper etc trying to find some inspiration.

So yesterday we did the charity shop trawl. It was such fun! You would not believe the bargains we found.

My daughter found a silver shimmery glitzy catsuit. Just perfect for a 7 year old birthday party. First ever disco next week. They are growing up so fast, but that’s another story.

My other daughter bought the prettiest summer dress and a little shorts and top combo.

And my son found a Barcelona football shirt and a diary of the wimpy kid book. If you know him you would know just how AMAZING and EPIC that is!

We also bought a whole load of board games, Lego, jigsaws etc. and this fan game called ‘Masks and Ask’ basically a kiddies who am I. Great fun.

I even got a beautiful a Phase Eight dress. No idea when I will ever it wear it but it felt quite extravagant spoiling myself on a dress I may never wear.

And the total price spent was £22.50.

We returned home from our ‘shop til we drop’ with bags and bags of stuff.

My daughter commented to my husband at dinner time “it was amazing, I said Mum can I have this and she just said yes!!! I have had the best day”

So I managed to entertain my little ones, get some retail therapy for myself and support some really worthwhile causes.

Winners all round I think.


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