“Arthur was a penguin and a worrier”…

I am loving these books at the moment.

They were given to me from a family member in a bag of books, toys and clothes they no longer wanted.

I read the first line “Arthur was a penguin and a worrier” and it struck a chord. I could say this about my son, well maybe not the penguin part but he is the biggest worrier I know. Where it comes from I don’t know as my husband and I are the most chilled you could meet.

Anyway, these books are great. Better than any social story I could write. We have one about a birthday party, one about Christmas and one about playing in a football match. I just wish I could find one about going to school.

The nice thing is that Arthur describes ‘jittery flippers’ and feeling like he can’t eat his breakfast because of it. My son said yes I think I have jittery flippers too! Bless him.

Reading the books has opened up avenues so that we can talk about feelings, emotions etc which normally would not happen. If you are able to get your hands on these books I would thoroughly recommend them.



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