SEN tips wanted

Help wanted from like minded parents!

I am tearing my hair out, stressing, losing sleep and regularly checking the wine and chocolate levels in the house. What’s causing this I hear you ask? Well, I shall tell you….parenting!

Please don’t get me wrong. I longed for, wished for and prayed to have my children and now I am a proud mum of 3, a boy and twin girls. They are all beautiful bundles of joy and I thank my lucky stars every day that they are in my life.

However, life can be tough at times, as any of you would probably agree. Having three so close in age is hard. When they were babies it was really tricky. My husband and I always felt outnumbered and never had enough hands and no matter how hard we tried just could not satisfy everyone’s needs all the time. I remember going out and people would stare at me with my triple buggy with what looked like pity in their eyes and just say “gosh, you have a handful” thanks, so helpful I would think. But they did not know the half of it.

Just after my girls were born I started to accept that my son was not reaching his developmental milestones. I had known for quite some time really but ignored it I guess. Eventually I spoke to the health visitor who then referred me to the paediatrician and ever since then we have been on this roller coaster journey called SEN.

At times I would think to myself, this wasn’t in the baby manuals, I am not too sure what to do now? And one thing I have noticed along the way is that nobody really knows. At times I feel very isolated and lonely, as though we are the only family,and we are having to just blindly feel our way through this minefield.

Also it is a constant battle. Nobody ever says to us “ok, so this is what you need, this is what your son is entitled to, this is who you need to speak to” etc. It is exhausting!

I have decided to start this blog to try and reach out to other like minded parents and carers who may be having similar experiences and to be able to share tips, advice and support.

Oh, and also to try and cut down on the wine and chocolate, my shopping bill is starting to get extortionate!


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